Four ways solar energy puts money BACK into your pocket.

Updated: Mar 26

It's true. Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly way to fuel your home. But did you know that solar energy is actually more economical?

It's true. Home and business owners who make the switch save money in four ways.

Let's take a look:

Save money now by shrinking your monthly energy bill.

Your solar system may actually cost you less per month than what you were paying for utilities. Your monthly payment will vary based on your family's energy consumption. The best way we can provide an accurate quote is by taking a look at your most recent energy bill.

Save again in January of 2022.

Homeowners who switch to solar are eligible for a tax credit equal to 26% of the price of their system. This is especially nice if you're a business owner, freelance or 1099 employee.

Increase your home's resale value.

Homes with solar systems increase their resale value by an average of 6%. To put that into perspective, that's $12K on a $200K home. What would you do with an extra twelve thousand dollars?

Freeze Your Energy Costs for the Next Twenty-Five Years

We all know that the value of a dollar decreases each year. Inflation applies to your energy bill as well. If you're paying $100 for your electricity right now, that same bill will be $128 ten years from now. By the way, we used for this projection. Feel free to check our math. ;)

Bottom line? If you thought going solar was just about going green, think again!

Ready to SAVE some green? Take our quiz to find out if solar energy is a good fit for your home.