Smart. Sustainable. Superior.


Technologically Superior.

Solar energy is efficient, effective and trackable. It's the perfect way to power your smart home. 

A Superior choice.

Economically Superior.

Our clients start saving on their monthly energy costs right away. And many qualify for tax credits and exemptions. 

Environmentally Superior.

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do. Power your home with clean, renewable energy from the sun. It’s a choice for your wallet and our planet.


Energy you can
count on.

Our solar energy is reliable and consistent, regardless of the weather or the season. Clouds are no match for our Superior solar energy systems. Whether you’re in Miami, FL or Cleveland, OH, you can count on the power generated by your system. 


Additionally, clients who invest in battery storage enjoy the added benefit of back-up power, even when the local power is out. 


That’s just one benefit of making the solar switch.


Revolutionizing the energy industry.

The choice is yours. Our passion is to provide options and empower homeowners to make the choice that’s right for their home, their family, and our environment. We offer resources to educate and inform during every stage in the process.


Invest in your future.

Your home is an investment—in your family and in your future. Solar energy not only pays for itself over time, but it also increases your property value immediately by an average of 6%.


Make the smart switch.

Join the thousands of homeowners who are lowering their energy costs and investing in their future today. All you need is your most recent energy bill for a quick, accurate quote.

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Join the

Superior family.

We're growing. As the Superior family expands nation-wide, we're making room at the table for people like you, innovative and goal-oriented partners who are ready to step up and help clients make the Superior choice in home and commercial energy. 

Our clients count on us to educate and guide them on their journey.


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